The Raziel Tarot

Rachel Pollack and I have created a new Tarot deck and book project. It is a deluxe deck of the Major Arcana with gold edges, printed at a larger size, six inches by three and a half inches, with a 186 page book by Rachel, and it comes in a boxed set with a magnetically closed lid.

The Raziel Tarot Major Arcana Delux Edition Is here now and you can order it now.

It is $40 for the set plus $7 shipping in the USA, $25 shipping to Canada, and $35 for other international locations.

To order send the payment with PayPal to:

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“Like a latter-day Rashi, Rachel Pollack has co-created an iconic midrash on the secrets of the creation, with the help of Robert Place’s dazzling art. This masterly tarot shines into the hidden heart of all life, revealing the mysteries!’

__________________Caitlín Matthews, author of Untold Tarot, Lost Book of the Grail, and Singing the Soul Back Home.


Here is what Rachel has to say about it:

“I am so excited about this project. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for years, and thrilled that Robert Place and I created it together. It’s based on Jewish esoteric themes and imagery–as as well as Tarot tradition–to work with the idea of exile from our true selves, but also the radical Kabbalistic idea that the male and female aspects of God are in exile from each other, and we humans have a major part of restoring them. The name of the deck, The Raziel Tarot–The Secret Book of Adam and Eve–comes from the ancient story that before Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden, the angel Raziel (name means “Secret of God”) gave them a Book of Secrets that revealed all the mysteries of the universe–including all future events. This book passed down secretly to Noah, Abraham, Joseph (who used it for divination, which the Bible tells us he did with a Cup) and to King Solomon, the master of all magic. (One guess as who the Magician is!)
Robert’s images are incredible, and I have made amazing discoveries in Jewish legends that work perfectly with Tarot traditions.”

Here is Joseph as the Fool, with his many colored coat:
000 72dpi RZ Fool

King Solomon the Magician:

001 72doi  RZ Magician 2

The Shekinah as the High Priestess, with her Torah and the columns, Boaz and Jakin:

002 72dpi RZ High Priestess

Miriam, Moses’s sister, as the Empress:

003 72dpi RZ Empress

Moses, the Emperor, confronting the Pharaoh:

004 72dpi RZ Emperor

Moses’s brother Aaron, as the High Priest. Behind him is the Arc of the Covenant:

005 72dpi RZ High Priest

Raziel presenting his book, in the form of a large gem, to the Lovers, Adam and Eve:

006 72dpi RZ Lovers

The Merkavah, God’s Chariot:007 72dpi R7 Chariot

The Queen of Sheba as Strength:

008 72dpi  RZ Strength

Moses, as the Hermit, sees the Burning Bush:

009 72dpi RZ Hermit

The Wheel of Fortune is the divinatory breastplate of the High Priest carried by the angels of the winds:

010 72dpi RZ Wheel

The Shekinah is Justice:

011 72dpi RZ Justice

Sheinhazai as the Hanged Man:

012 72dpi RZ Hanged Man

Moses surrenders to Death:

013 73dpi RZ Death

Eve and Adam, as Temperance, mix Fire and Water:

014 72dpi RZ Temperance

Ashmadai, the Devil:

015 72dpi RZ Devil

The destruction of the Temple for the Tower:

016 72dpi RZ Tower

Estara as the Star:

017 72dpi RZ Star.jpg

Samael and Lilith guard the path on the Moon:

018 72dpi RZ Moon

The Broken Vessel and the first beings for the Sun:

019 72dpi RZ Sun

The Lovers Yahwey and Shekinah unite on the Judgement card:

020 72dpi RZ Judgement

The Lovers are united and rise into the light on the World.

021 72dpi RZ World

There are two extra trumps, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of life:

022 72dpi RZ Tree of Knowledge

023 72dpi RZ Tree of Life

The back features the talisman of Raziel and a Burning Serpent:

72dpi Back