The Cards

There are 40 cards in the Burning Serpent Oracle but they are numbered 1-38 because there is both a Man and a Woman card for #28 and for #29.  The last two images are the design for the card back and the cover of the box.

72dpi-1-Hermes72dpi-2-Clover72dpi-3-Voyage72dpi-4-House on Hill72dpi-5-Flaming Tree72dpi-6-Clouds72dpi-7-Burning Serpent72dpi-8-Dead Tree72dpi-9-Bouquet72dpi-10-Scythe72dpi-11-Cat-o-Three72dpi-12-Owl72dpi-13-Girl and Boy72dpi-14-Fox72dpi-15-Bear72dpi-16-Stars72dpi-17-Stork72dpi-18-Hound72dpi-19-Tower72dpi-20-Garden72dpi-21-Mountain72dpi-22-Path72dpi-23-Mice72dpi-24-Heart72dpi-25-Ring72dpi-26-Book of Life72dpi-27-Letter72dpi-28-Man72dpi-28-Woman-B72dpi-29-Man-B72dpi-29-Woman72dpi-30-Lilies72dpi-31-Sun72dpi-32-Moon72dpi-33-Key72dpi-34-Jumping Fish72dpi-35-Anchor72dpi-36-Cross72dpi-37-Osiris72dpi-38-Isis72dpi-Back72dpi Card Box

all art copyright Robert M Place 2013

4 thoughts on “The Cards

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  2. I was really tickled when I saw the letter card and it said Brunswick Maine and then even said Saco Maine on the stamp. I’m really curious what the Maine connection is???

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