Video of Marcus Katz Conversing with The Burning Serpent Oracle

Here is a video that Marcus Katz, of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, made when he first opened his copy of The Burning Serpent Oracle.  He is demonstrating how to allow a new deck to introduce itself.

Rachel writes:

I like readings that have ongoing conversations with the deck.  I do something with Tarot I call “roll your own” readings, where you begin with one question, and then let the particular card that comes up suggest the next question, and keep doing this until you come to a good resting place with the issue.  Here, because the individual cards go back into the deck, you can see a theme develop when cards come up more than once.

This is not a traditional Lenormand approach, of course, but because each cut involves two cards, it allows for that sense that two is the most basic unit.  This is something I’ve begun to bring into tarot, in what I call “reading Tarot Lenormand-style.”  While there are many people in both traditions who have no interest in mingling the two, I suspect that such influences will become more common as people get beyond the first–and very necessary–stage of keeping them very distinct from each other.

It’s fascinating that when he asks the first question, something like “What is the alchemy of the deck?” (sorry if I’ve gotten it a bit wrong) he gets the Key, which might be said to be the most occult card in the deck.  But what does the Key unlock?  The Man, which is to say, Marcus himself, since for a male querent, the Man is the significator.  But Marcus is not really asking this just for himself, he wants to know the deck’s intentions in the world.  Thus the subject card can stand for “everyman,” and the deck can be saying, the primary thing we unlock is ourselves.

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If you would like to see what it is like to receive the Burning Serpent Oracle in the mail, watch this video by Shari Lynn Smith:

Unboxing the Burning Serpent Oracle

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