Because you have not yet received your copy of the Burning Serpent Oracle please read this note from Rachel




As we come to the end of a very fraught process of getting the Burning Serpent Oracle actually in hand to send to people, we wanted to offer an apology and explanation to all of you who have been waiting so patiently for it to arrive.


Someone pointed out to me that we’ve been passing through a Mercury retrograde period, during which communications often get confused or blocked. The Greek name for Mercury, of course, is Hermes, and as most of you know, the first card in the deck is Hermes The Messenger (Hermes is also the name of Robert’s publishing company). In the picture he comes riding on a winged horse from left to right, as if entering the physical world of the cards from the spiritual world that is the home of all divination.


In traditional Lenormand decks card 1 is The Rider, and means messages, things brought, possibly from far away. This indeed is what Hermes The Messenger means, and the card came up, along with the Voyage, in a reading several weeks ago to indicate that the decks were on the way.


But then Mercury/Hermes turned retrograde…


Here is what happened. The books arrived several weeks ago, and all we needed were the cards to be able to send out all the pre-orders. But the cards took longer, and were more complicated, so we had to wait.


They were printed in Europe, and the German publisher Urania bought a number of copies to sell on their own website, while our copies were put on the boat to be sent here. As a result, a number of people bought copies from the German site, getting them before we did. However—these did not include the book, since Urania is only selling the deck.


Meanwhile, the decks finally arrived in New York harbor. And then Hermes Retrograde truly worked its maddening, negative magic. The packing had the wrong papers. They were almost the right papers, but not quite. Days of tense conversation ensued, between us, the New York Customs office, and the European printers. Meanwhile, the decks were sitting in storage in New Jersey, close but locked away.


Finally, we all worked out what needed to be done. The printers expressed the correct papers overnight from Europe, Robert signed them and express mailed them (with 15 minutes to spare at the post office) to the customs officials—and then it was July 4th weekend! The good news is that we know they received them, and we are hopeful the decks will finally get on a truck Monday, July 7.


To speed things along as best we could Robert and I have addressed the mailing labels for the Priority Mail boxes, so that as soon as we have the decks in hand we can combine them with the books and send them right out.


We apologize for all these terrible delays, and wish to express our great gratitude for everyone’s patience. If any of you have felt frustrated that the Burning Serpent has not arrived, believe me, it’s nothing like what we’ve been feeling! Pretty soon now, we will have them in hand, and send them out as quickly as possible. Thank you.

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  1. No worries from me. These issues are very common when dealing with non-USA companies. Then again, other issues arise with USA companies. For me, it’s a practice in patience :). Thank you for working so hard to expedite the road blocks you encountered.

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